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12 Must Visit Cities for 2017: THE COMPLETE LIST!

Hey there Travel Rebel,

We hope that you are excited about all of the amazing destinations that you can visit in 2017. I know that we are!

Here is the complete list of the 12 Must Visit Cities for 2017, which we will be rolling out with a detailed breakdown of each city. Enjoy!

So, as promised, the list:

#1: Abu Dhabi, UAE

#2: Cartagena, Colombia

#3: Chiang Mai, Thailand

#4: Reykjavik, Iceland

#5: San Juan, Puerto Rico

#6: Singapore

#7: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#8: Sydney, Australia

#9: Lima, Peru

#10: Cape Town, South Africa

#11: Curacao-COMING SOON

#12: Mykonos, Greece-COMING SOON

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And most importantly, travel far Travel Rebel.

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Thank you for reading!