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15 Things To Say No To…So You Can Travel More…

15 Things To Say No To…So You Can Travel More

Don’t burn your Benjamins on purpose. Save money, travel more.

15 Things To Say No To…

1.) Daily Starbucks CoffeeWe know, we know. It’s SO enticing to get the Venti Triple Frappucino with an extra shot of espresso, 15 shots of varying syrups, along with chocolate chips, and extra whipped cream for only $20, but seriously, a simple cup of black coffee will do the trick.

2.) Craft LiquorCraft beer, craft whiskey, craft liquor in general has been a recent trend, but very pricey. As a huge craft beer fan ourselves, we get it. We really do. However, we also understand that everything in moderation is the best way to live life. Including craft beer or whiskey. Tip: Buy at the liquor store versus hitting up bars. Your wallet will thank you.

3.) Cable BillNothing screams access and relaxing family time more so than having 1,000 channels on our television sets. However, the cable bill definitely screams louder, in our humble opinion. Save yourself $100–200 a month instead, and put it in a travel savings fund for your next trip. Opt-in for Netflix instead for only $9.99 a month.

4.) Expensive Monthly SubscriptionsAny type of monthly subscription is almost always a luxury, and not always necessary. Yes, we understand that it is convenient, on auto-pilot, and something you don’t have to think about anymore. However, with minimal effort, and smart shopping, you can save a ton of money by eliminating those pesky $20–30/month subscriptions.

5.) Luxury PurchasesBeautiful cars, houses, and boats, oh my! These along with other types of luxury purchases are easy to justify as status symbol. However, when you want to go visit other countries, those large luxury purchases only delay your trip dates further.

6.) Movie TheatersSure, the movie ticket in and of itself may not be that expensive. What with Hulu, Netflix, and Roku abound, there’s more than enough movie content to keep you busy for years on end. However, where people tend to splurge at the movies is popcorn and soda, which run upwards of $40–50 for a family!

7.) Cell Phone UpgradesSo the new iPhone is coming out and you just HAVE to have it?!?! What many people don’t realize is that everytime you upgrade your devices, you are essentially dropping hefty fee amounts, upgrade charges, purchase new accessories, and even extending your contract. All of that money could be much better spent by delaying the gratification of a new “must-have” phone.

8.) TechNew toys are always fun. What they aren’t however, is cheap. Upgrading tech and buying the latest gadgets is most definitely not smart financially.

9.) AccessoriesDoes your iPhone really need vinyl stickers, two cases, bulletproof armor screen protector, 10 battery packs, and more? If you do, take a trip to China and get them directly for much cheaper.

10.) Brand Name ClothingDoes it really matter if it’s Gucci or Armani? Besides, you could go to Thailand or other places in the Eastern world that sell knockoffs that are just as nice.

11.) New Stuff in General-buy used, it will make a world of difference. One only really needs to buy new if it’s something that will be used a lot and potentially be used for business. In the end, you end up discarding or donating items anyways.

12.) Expensive Data PlansIs paying for 100GB of data really necessary? All that extra data won’t buy you the experiences a trip around-the-world could get you.

13.) Expensive Car Loans/LeasesThere’s cheaper ways of getting around, especially with ZipCar, Enterprise Car Share, and Uber/Lyft as options in this share economy.

14.) Premium GasolineUnless you’re driving a supercar, the Unleaded gas will do just fine. Middle East sounds much more amazing when you spend the money there instead of back home on oil.

15.) Take Out/DiningEating out is awesome and delicious, but let’s be real. It’s EXPENSIVE. Save yourself a couple hundred dollars a month by cooking more home cooked meals. That would be better spent on that trip to the Great Wall of China.

Now that you know some things that you can start cheapin’ out on, hopefully you can start saving some money for your next world trip!

Good luck and remember, you can have fun while saving money. 🙂

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