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Abu Dhabi, UAE. City #1 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017


Drop yourself into the second largest action-packed city in the UAE…

 Golden palaces and skyscrapers galore! Abu Dhabi is an incredibly beautiful city, with prayer mosques on every corner, huge palaces to feast your eyes on, and desert sands and dunes for miles. The city is translated from Arabic to “Father of the Gazelle”, and is known for their pearls and oil. Located along the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is a hub of archaeological sites, hot desert climate, and skyscrapers laced in gold. Behold, the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (second only to Dubai).

There are quite a few things you can do in Abu Dhabi. It is most definitely not a city that you would get bored in (which you would assume, being in the middle of the desert, would be the case). Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most popular activities to do in Abu Dhabi:

4×4 Safari Adventures

Ride an SUV through the sand desert, jumping and bumping over the sand dunes and hills, drifting through the grains of the Anantawa Desert or the various other deserts that can be found in Abu Dhabi. This is an intense, rip-roaring way to discover the sands located within the UAE. Along with that, you can try your hand at some sandboarding, motorbiking, and even dinner in the desert along with belly dancers entertaining anyone curious enough to spend the night in the desert.

Emirates Palace

If you’ve never laid eyes on a palace lined with gold (literally, almost every single inch within), you HAVE to go see the Emirates Palace near the blue waters of Abu Dhabi. When you first walk-in, you will feel like royalty, and be careful not to break anything. Otherwise, you may be looking at a late retirement. Art, statues, and extremely expensive furniture and lighting fixtures line the entire palace. If you have enough moolah in the bank, definitely book a stay at this lush resort. Along with jetskiing, walking the sandy beaches, and a host of other amenities, you must make also sure to order the Gold-flaked Cappucino (equivalent to $12 US dollars) if you really want to make this trip worth it. Yes, that’s right. They actually shave gold over a cappucino with a really awesome drawing of the palace itself on the milk froth.

For more info, check out this website.

Ferrari World

Check out the latest that Ferrari has to offer, race around a track, ride a roller coaster, and so much more. Most importantly, Ferrari swag and shops. Lots of it.

Watch this sweet video here:

Want to know more about Abu Dhabi, including their currency, must-know facts, tips/tricks from a traveler, and more? Stay tuned for the full downloadable guide soon!

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