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Benefits of Traveling…10 Surprising Facts…

Benefits of Traveling…a Publication by Travel Rebel

You’ve been wanting to travel…

but you’re not sure why you should even consider doing so…

It is possible that the very thought of travel makes you nervous…


or even fear….

There are far too many of us out there who immediately…

Think of the worse things that can happen while traveling…

As someone who has been actively traveling (almost non-stop)…

for 9+ years….

I can tell you that is far from the truth…


Here are 10 surprising benefits of traveling:

#1 Learn about yourself

When you travel, sure, you pay attention to everything that is going on around you. I mean, you are hyper-aware of your surroundings when you are in unfamiliar environment. However, when dealing with new cultures, food, and people, you learn a ton about yourself in the process; another one of the benefits of traveling. You slowly pick apart how others operate in foreign countries. You look at how you live your life and how your home culture operates. From there, you start to realize how good you might have it compared to others. This is when you really start to learn a lot about yourself.

#2 Get savvy

Nothing gets one to be as savvy as James Bond in terms of getting around an unfamiliar environment than travel. When you are constantly in unfamiliar situations and territory, you learn to get savvy. You learn how to approach almost any situation with confidence. Technology is our friend. You can find anything to do in a new area from your phone. It is important to be able to work  with traditional paper maps and phone books, it goes a long way.

Don’t forget, locals truly know what is going on, be curious and ask. 

It’s not uncommon for one to get savvy while traveling. Learning the inner-workings of a city within 48–72 hours will become second nature as you experience more places. You might even give a tour to newcomers and look like an expert. We’ve done it ourselves in places such as Mexico, Punta Cana, and Abu Dhabi.

#3 More efficient thinking-processes

Time is of essence when one is on the road. We have to get very savvy with our time and become much more efficient in how we use that time. Travelers must be diligent in not only getting enough sleep, but having enough time in the day to explore the city. Of course, you may not want to over-plan (if there is such a thing), and leave room for spontaneity, but you want to have a good grasp of how much time you have available to explore and be realistic, as well. Becoming an efficient thinker when traveling is as seemingly comparable to a home-based business owner outsourcing tasks to a contractor to complete while the business owner handles other tasks.

Therefore, in the case of a traveler, perhaps you outsource a bit of research to a concierge service, or you ask the locals for tips and tricks. Of course, taking the time on a plane or prior to a trip, even, to really figure out what the best spots to visit are, reviewing other’s travelers feedback. Heck, if you can even figure out how to save money like a local, you’ll be winning twice!

BONUS: If you can think like a local, speak like one, and even know what is acceptable and be candid in your approach, you can get a long way in your trips. Try out Duolingo to get your language skills up to speed.

#4 Getting out of your comfort zone

There’s nothing better than getting out of your own skin and feeling like you are experiencing an out-of-body experience, from time to time. It gives you such a sense of feeling alive and living life of on the edge. It truly helps to create a better sense of adventure and even improve one’s personality. Another one of the benefits of traveling is that it allows you to get used to constantly going outside of your comfort zone and learn to love it.

Wanderlust comes with the expectation that unless one is willing to do just that, there is no real adventure, no drive, no edge to the experience. It just becomes a regular trip like any other with no “awesome” or “wow” factor. Don’t you want to experience that “wow” factor? It could be the difference between jumping on a guided tour and landing in the middle of mountains to experience what nature has to offer, maybe hidden waterfalls or caves, even.

BONUS: Go off the beaten path. Meet locals or friends of your buddies that live in the country you are visiting. This will help you find out amazing places that you won’t find in any tourist guide or guided tour.

#5 Network like crazy

Networking locally at home gets boring after a while. Networking in foreign countries, however? That can never get old. Imagine meeting people who run oil cleaning equipment businesses in the Middle East, or meal prep chefs in Dallas who merely want to make a better and healthier life for those in the local community. These stories that you experience while on the road as a traveler, this is what the spice of life is made of. I mean, what fun is it if you never hear the amazing stories from incredible personalities outside of those people you may constantly run into at the local coffee shop?

Get out there, go visit countries you’ve never been to, venture to spots you most likely would never visit anyways, and see what different types of people you will run into who may just change your life. Or, at the very least, your perspective. Whether for business or for personal reasons, connect with other types of people way out out of your circle of influence. You will be doing more good than anything for both your spirit and your character.

BONUS: Surprisingly, are both great places to network anywhere in the world. They are typically laid back gatherings, a ton of fun, and you can meet people from almost any country you can think of!

#6 Become a better person

One of the top 10 yearly New Years resolutions is for one to become a better person. What if you could do just that and have fun at the same time?Typically, becoming a better person is not as simple as 1–2–3. It truly takes life experiences, tons of intro-perspective and exercise of one’s psyche, and time, in order to truly become someone other’s would like to spend time with. Heck, if you’re a better person due to travel, you will be happier for yourself, as well.

Think about this for a second, however. Would you rather sit in a room alone, reading books and taking notes, in order to pick your personality apart and find ways to become a better person? Or would you rather do that through active travel and talking with new people from around the world? We’re willing to bet that you would prefer travel over solitary confinement. Check out this cool little video

#7 Become more resourceful

With more travel comes a higher level of resourcefulness. Being able to land somewhere foreign, and immediately pick things apart and know which direction to head in, is a huge help in not only getting things done, but being comfortable wherever you are. Also, making decisions in choosing one scenario over another, or saying “no” to someone that offers you something suspicious in a foreign country, become much easier to do when you have experienced many scenarios over time through travel.

This can include finding amazing deals for hotels, hostels, car rentals and flights. Heck, even negotiate street food prices. Also, finding ways to save money, save time, or save resources when traveling also comes with practice and thus lends a hand at resourcefulness to the one who actively finds ways to be savvy when on the road.

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#8 Be a braver person

What better way to become super confident and a braver personality after hundreds (or even thousands) of hours after walking through city and urban streets around the world, catching random buses and trains, and navigating one’s way throughout this amazing planet of ours? 

Being confident enough to not only make decisions, but take quick but measured action in new territory, helps the traveler in many ways to do things just like a local and not seem terrified at seemingly trivial pursuits. Also, keep in mind that locals can typically sense uncertainty, anxiety or fear with tourists, which is a good way to become a target. Always be calm and collected, and this sense of steadiness will help you in many ways in dealing with locals.

#9 Adapt to any environment

Becoming instinctive in any location, any time, is super key when traveling. Although it might feel like a super power, it’s just simply adaptation to a new environment. For the new traveler, you might feel like adapting could take some time, but with more travel, comes speedier adaptation. When you arrive home from work or travel for example, the area is so familiar with you, that this comfort overcomes you, and familiarity and expectations already line up your agenda. If you could make that happen in any situation in any location, you will be set and can dominate any location in a speedy fashion.

It’s time to think outside the box.

#10 Become Superhuman

Have you always wanted to be able to face any task, any scenario, and get through it with ease? This is what it is like to be Superhuman. Sometimes, this includes making the impossible happen.

We hope that you enjoyed this piece by yours truly, Travel Rebel.

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