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8 Easy Tips To Improve Your Travel Experience

HERE ARE THE 8 EASY TIPS… When you think of travel, do you see it as something that takes a long time to plan which location you will be traveling to next? If so, then you have a narrow view of it. Traveling is so much more and it can be customized so that it works […]

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. City #7 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017

Kuala Lumpur Come feast your eyes on the largest city in Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur. The capital and the Klang Valley in the Asian continent, this city is definitely a must see. This scenic country boasts 1.7 million people and is known as the “muddy landing place.” Petronas Twin Towers Courtesy of Designed by Argentine-born America Cesar Parelli, […]

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Singapore. City #6 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017

The Lion City awaits you in the Republic of Southeast China. Founded in 1819 by Stamford Raffles, Singapore was known to be a trading stop along by the East India Company. Since that time, it was ceded to the British, occupied by Japan during World War II, and gained independence from the UK in 1963. […]

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San Juan, Puerto Rico. City #5 on 2017’s Top 12 Must-Visit Cities

San Juan, Puerto Rico! The Island of Enchantment awaits even the most curious visitors among the Caribbean islands. El Castillo San Felipe del Morro San Juan’s El Castillo, also known as simply “El Morro” (or the promontory), is a huge piece of San Juan’s history. Once acting as a fortress protecting the port of San Juan […]

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Chiang Mai Temple

Chiang Mai, Thailand. City #3 in 2017’s Top 12 Must-Visit Cities

Chiang Mai, Thailand. Its beauty is one to see for yourself. Voted one of the Top 25 Destinations in the World in 2014 by TripAdvisor, Chiang Mai has attracted travelers from all over the world in the past decade. Quickly gaining popularity, this Thailand destination is well-known for their temples and beautiful scenery. Dry season […]

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Abu Dhabi, UAE. City #1 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017

ABU DHABI! Drop yourself into the second largest action-packed city in the UAE…  Golden palaces and skyscrapers galore! Abu Dhabi is an incredibly beautiful city, with prayer mosques on every corner, huge palaces to feast your eyes on, and desert sands and dunes for miles. The city is translated from Arabic to “Father of the […]

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12 Must Visit Cities for 2017: THE COMPLETE LIST!

12 Must Visit Cities for 2017: THE COMPLETE LIST! Hey there Travel Rebel, We hope that you are excited about all of the amazing destinations that you can visit in 2017. I know that we are! Here is the complete list of the 12 Must Visit Cities for 2017, which we will be rolling out with […]

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Election Results. How They Will Affect Immigration Travel In 2016 and What You Can Do To Get Prepared. Mexico or Canada Anyone?

 ELECTION RESULTS Surely, people are already buying their flight tickets out of the country because of the election results. I mean, Americans everywhere have been talking for months how if this candidate or that candidate wins, they’re leaving the country. Be it Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, as Trump has clinched victory, the anti-Trump voters […]

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traveling solo

Traveling Solo. How To Do It & Influence Travelers from Around The World…

TRAVELING SOLO…                                                                        It’s time to go solo. What’s stopping you? One of the biggest worries when it comes to traveling solo […]

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Puerto Rico, The Island of Enchantment That Needs More Love…

PUERTO RICO We feel that Puerto Rico overall needs more love. A small island in the Caribbean, you may know Puerto Rico to be the recent controversy when they went into default on US government-backed loans and had to file for bankruptcy. Luckily the US decided to restructure their debt and assist them in paying […]

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Comfortable Travel, Which Is Also Affordable…Beat This Never-ending Battle In One Easy Step…

  Comfortable Travel vs. Affordable Travel…Which One Is Important? Comfortable travel is not what you are probably thinking about right at this moment… Stop now… And reach into your pocket… Slowly take out your wallet… Look at your cash… Really really look at it… Tenderly… Caress it… Kiss it goodbye… Option #1: I want comfortable travel. […]

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The Sky Checklist. 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity While Flying…

THE SKY CHECKLIST… It seems that when we fly, some of us can be productive, while others cannot. Is it possible that perhaps people are not using the right mindset or tools when boarding a flight? For me personally, it seems that productivity can come with proper planning, goal-setting, understanding how your body reacts to the […]

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There Is No Place Like Home (Find Out Why…)

She taught us an important lesson… There is no place like home…When Dorothy uttered these exact same words in the Wizard of Oz, there was some truth to it. Really. Even for travelers, we have to admit, having some type of home base is good for the soul. There must be a place to reset, […]

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Travel Anxiety, Getting Mentally Ready For A Trip…and 5 Ways to Avoid It.

Travel Anxiety? Getting Mentally Ready For A Trip…and 5 Ways to Avoid It. Travel anxiety? Have a trip coming up? You get super nervous when the trip is coming up right around the corner? Start to sweat from your palms, and have nightmares? Perhaps think of the worst possible situations that could happen before, during […]

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Hidden Truth about Travel…(It’s Not What You Think It Is)…

Hidden truth about travel…It’s not about how good you look on social media… Many people post pictures online and write glamorous status updates about traveling, seeing the world, taking off in private jets, and so on. But the hidden truth is that you don’t see is what happens behind the scenes, in most cases. For example, […]

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Traditional Traveler…Here’s How To Level-Up In 4 Easy Step (And Go Super-Saiyan)…

WELCOME… Traditional Traveler… The traditional traveler wakes up and starts thinking about their New Years Resolutions and most likely, one of their top resolutions is to “travel more”. “I just want to travel a bit more…” “I want to start traveling and seeing the world.” “I want to go beyond the white-picket fence and set foot […]

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Benefits of Traveling…10 Surprising Facts…

Benefits of Traveling…a Publication by Travel Rebel You’ve been wanting to travel… but you’re not sure why you should even consider doing so… It is possible that the very thought of travel makes you nervous… anxious…. …or even fear…. There are far too many of us out there who immediately… Think of the worse things […]

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