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Comfortable Travel, Which Is Also Affordable…Beat This Never-ending Battle In One Easy Step…

comfortable travel


Comfortable Travel vs. Affordable Travel…Which One Is Important?

Comfortable travel is not what you are probably thinking about right at this moment…

Stop now…

And reach into your pocket…

Slowly take out your wallet…

Look at your cash…

Really really look at it…


Caress it…

Kiss it goodbye…

Option #1: I want comfortable travel.

Result: Might as well burn your cash and lose your wallet.

Option#2: I want to save money while traveling.

Result: Put your wallet back in your pocket.

Does it really have to be this way?

People across the nations, for ages, have battled this conundrum.

Pay more, comfort & luxury is included.

Pay less, sleep on cardboard and eat crackers…that taste like cardboard.

Can one ever win in this scenario?

Fortunately, with the rise of the share economy and the speed of the rising global social-sphere, we are all in luck.

Long gone are the days of homeless-like accomodations and peanuts and cracker jacks for dinner at a hotel.

One can really get by with just a few alternative options:


Sleep in a stranger’s house, usually complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, on a peasant’s budget. Check it out here and get started by booking your very first Airbnb experience. Comfortable travel and budget friendly!

Tips: Search by address or venue if you are looking to stay near a hotspot in a certain city to get the closest locations, then narrow it down by price.


Sleep in an even more random strangers house, sharing rooms with others, and sharing a restroom, kitchen, etc. Buy groceries, live better, save tons of money.

Tip: Hostels International,, Hostel World are all great places to start looking for hostels at your future destination spots. Save tons of money, and even find deals as cheap as $15/night for a nice comfortable shared location. Super friendly, expat-rich, and culturally-enlivened locations.


Why rent a car when you can just hitch a ride for much cheaper around the city? Plus, you don’t have to worry about highway tolls, fuel, and even car damages!

Tips: Use Code “Travel Rebel” on Lyft to get a free ride! Click here to get a free Uber ride!


Need some dry cleaning, but dont want to dish out ridiculous wads of cash at a traditional hotel to do so?

DryV has decently affordable prices around the U.S. if you would like to get your clothes dry cleaned on-demand.

Get started here: Go to and use Promo Code: 9RZB2.


Why waste time walking around a city and spending hours doing groceries, seeking amazing food, when you can just order it to be delivered to your hotel/Airbnb?

Check out Instacart and Peapod, and get started today!

Tips: Get your food delivered early in the week, and avoid the weekends, to get the best rates and avoid delays!

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