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Curacao. City #11 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017


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Feast your eyes on the Blue Bay in this beautiful Lesser Antilles Island country, also known as the “Island of Healing”.

Kura Hulanda Museum

curacao kurahulanda

Located in the capital city Willemstad (more specifically Otrabanda), Kura Hulanda has potentially the most vivid portrayal of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade route, history and culture. Starting from Africa, to the Caribbean, up to North America.

One can find pre-Colombian gold, Mesopotamian relics, and Antillean art.

Not recommended for children, due to extremely realistic, and gut-wrenching historic replicas.

The Kurá Hulanda Museum is located in Otrobanda in the same complex as the Hotel Kurá Hulanda Spa and Casino. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Adults may visit the museum for $10 USD while children 12 and younger enter for $7 USD.

Tula Slavery Freedom Statue in Port of Willemstad


Tula fighting for his freedom in 1975, before being hanged for his treason.

Inspired by the Curacao Slave Revolt of 1975, this statue portrays the story of Tula, a slave who led a revolt against the slaveholders and the common law of his day. Along with 40 to 50 others, he was able to confront slave master Lodewijk to go state his complaints of being his slaves to the lieutenant governor at Fort Amsterdam. Leaving to Lagun, they freed 22 slaves from jail.

In an effort to end collective slavery and punishment, Tula led his rebellion against several attacks by the Dutch, but defeated them multiple times. In a peaceful attempt, a Franciscan priest by the name Jacobus Schink tried to prevent further bloodshed by getting the slaves to surrender. After several attempted negotiations, Tula would not settle for anything less then freedom. Therefore, the Dutch answered with a final attack, killing several men, with the rest escaping.

Eventually, Tula was captured and hanged as punishment for escaping and leading his rebellion.

Mikvel Emmanuel Synagogue


The oldest continually used synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, this holy place houses much Jewish history and artifacts for folks to see.

Built in 1732, this site served as a visiting site for Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the Netherlands and Brazil.

To book a tour and learn more about the beautiful history of this synagogue and visit their museum, visit their website here.

Queen Emma Bridge


This gorgeously preserved pontoon bridge built in 1888 is located on the St. Anna Bay area in Curacao. Locally, the bridge is known as “Our Swinging Old Lady”, and raises to allow oceanside vessels through.

For romantic and memorable moments, make these special seconds or minutes occur right on this historic Caribbean bridge of the generations.

Blue Bay


Named after a plantation located nearby, “Blauuw”, the Blue Bay is a beach located on the island and one of the most scenic in the world.

The biggest beach on the island, you can find yourself snorkeling and diving here. Check out this cool droning video from the Blue Bay!


Want to know more about Curacao, including their currency, must-know facts, tips/tricks from a traveler, and more? Stay tuned for the full downloadable guide soon!

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