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Election Results. How They Will Affect Immigration Travel In 2016 and What You Can Do To Get Prepared. Mexico or Canada Anyone?


Surely, people are already buying their flight tickets out of the country because of the election results.

I mean, Americans everywhere have been talking for months how if this candidate or that candidate wins, they’re leaving the country.

Be it Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, as Trump has clinched victory, the anti-Trump voters are possibly scrambling to their computers to look up flights to get out of dodge.

Or is this really true?

One can only speculate.

Whatever party you are in favor of or voting for, just realize that it’s not really going to be the end of the world (at least, we don’t think so!)

What we do know is that if you are going to plan the trip anyways, we might as well discuss some specifics!

Election Results? Canada

Believe it or not, the day after Trump became elected the 45th President of the United States, the Canadian Immigrant website crashed! So many people were seriously considering moving to Canada, and looking into the immigration laws and ready to get moving across the border.

Countless people who were clearly ready to jump the gun, pack their bags, and leave America behind were no doubt packing their bags, making plans to close things out in America, learn more about Canada and what it has to offer, and secure their belongings in storage, sell their homes, sell everything and get out of the beautiful land of the free.

Places to consider in Canada are Ontario, Quebec, Toronto, Ontario, just to name a few. However, Canada also has better education and health laws and assistance for their citizens. Also, the local farm movement, the quality of organic food and produce, the push for small business, and much more is definitely alive in most of Canada. Also, downtown areas are earth, historically gratifying, and filled with beautiful architecture and landscape. In the Western part of Canada, there are tons of mountains, hiking trails, and lakes galore. As you travel east, industrial and city life become alive (similar to America).

Watch this cool video from World’s Top 10 to learn more about the best places in Canada.

If you are considering taking a trip to Canada, or go there for fun or work, or move there entirely, make sure to visit their website and understand their work visa laws, citizenship laws, and more.

Election Results? Mexico

Consider Mexico’s beautiful history and culture.

Mexico is much more than “yo quiero Taco Bell”. There are real dangers there too, and it may be safest to stay in touristy areas. Outside of the infamous stories of drug cartels, tourist traps, and much more, the reality of it all is that Mexico truly is a beautiful place, filled with incredible food, culture, and much more.

If you would like to learn more about Mexican Immigration, please visit their website here.

Places to consider in Mexico:

√Mexico City
√Puerto Vallarta

Watch this cool video about the Top 5 Cities in Mexico.

Whatever you decide, make sure to do plenty of research, consider your options, and know that things will take getting adjusted to in a new country.

Bon voyage!

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