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Hidden Truth about Travel…(It’s Not What You Think It Is)…


Hidden truth about travel…It’s not about how good you look on social media…

Many people post pictures online and write glamorous status updates about traveling, seeing the world, taking off in private jets, and so on.

But the hidden truth is that you don’t see is what happens behind the scenes, in most cases.

For example, you jump on Instagram and the first thing you see is your buddy Sean having a blast in Jamaica, jumping off a super-high cliff into a body of water, with the glimmer of a sunset in the background.

You’re either one of two people:

(A) Your immediate response is: “That Sean guy is super lucky, always traveling the world. I wish I could travel like him.”

— or —

(B) “That guy is such a showoff. I bet I can do the same thing.”

— or —

(C) “Screw that guy.”

One of the things that I hear about the most is that the downfall of social media is that people tend to get glued to their mobile phones and their laptops, spending hours a day on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, living their lives through the experience of others. They never truly leave their home, or make the leap per se. There is a harsh absence of true reality for their folks. They are more than happy to just watch their friends live life to the fullest and keep up with them, essentially “Facebook stalking” them.


Is this you?

A good measure of whether or not you are this person is if you can somehow track the amount of time you spend on social media, just looking at what everyone else is doing. “WasteNoTime” is a great Google Chrome extension to track your online activity and really get proactive about controlling where you spend your hours, minutes and seconds in the web-wide sphere.

At the end of the day, you are either one of two people.

You either go out there, and make shit happen. You lay off the phone and social media, you make some phone calls, you connect with your network and you make some moves. One moment, you’re working a corporate gig that you absolutely hate (or outstandingly love, for those rare occassional peeps who love their careers). The next thing, you’re riding a camel through the deserts of Abu Dhabi.

Or, you sit and ponder in awe at all of your friends who are out there just living the good life. And guess what? You don’t have to be rich to do so.

That is one of the biggest misconceptions about travel

The truth about travel? Anyone can do it.

Kids, marriage, divorce, job worries, financial commitments….no matter the case….travel is available to you.

So go out there and just fricking make it happen. I’m tired of hearing excuses for why people can’t travel.



“It’s too expensive.”…

“I can’t leave my dog behind!”…

“I’m scared of what the world holds and I might get hurt.”….


These reasons among the thousands of other excuses, are nothing but a bunch of b.s.

So get over yourself, let go of all excuses, and just frickin do it.

Pick a spot (or look for good deals to get ideas).

Set a date.

Pack your bags.



That’s the simplicity of travel my friends.

That’s the truth of travel.

You can do this. Anyone can. So just….frickin…go.

Live well, Travel Rebel.


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