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Lima, Peru. City #9 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017



Lima is known as a gastronomic capital within South America.

Complete with ancient Incan ruins, beautiful beaches and mountainsides, and a deep cultural appreciation for the city’s past, Lima is a must-do on everyone’s bucket list.

Did we mention that Machu Picchu is not too far away from Lima, as well?

​Let's dive into the mystery of this small, but well-known town located close to the Andes...



Constructed in 1553 on a pre-Colombian Sanctuary, this home has been inhabited by the descendants of the First Proprietor, Jeronimo de Aliaga. As the oldest mansion in the city, facing the Government Palace, it is known for hosting special cultural events and is embellished with everything that was once vice-royalty.

Visit by special appointment for $11 US. Visit their website here for more info and to schedule your tour.



With the capacity to seat 40,000 people, El Estadio Nacional is truly a national monument and it’s principal stadium for sports. Inaugurated in October 27th, 1952, it has hosted 3 of 6 Copa America football championship competitions.

The incredible aspect of this stadium is that it is constantly revamped and restructured purely for different game purposes.



Located in the Miraflores District of central Lima,Peru, this clay pyramid was built between 200 and 700 AD.

Serving as an important ceremonial and administrative center for the advancement of the Lima Culture, the Huaca is set on a stage comprised of seven separate platforms.

The location was used to control the waterways heading into Lima, as well as a sacrificial and governmental outlet for those looking to come into the city. It was therefore a place of power and is surrounded by a plaza, with walls guarding the entrance to the Huaca.

Check out local fare at the Huaca Pucllana restaurant. Learn more about this astounding archaeological structure here.



Located in an area called the Yungas, part of the Andes ecosystem, this eye-catching preserve is rich in wild plants and animal species.

The humid season runs from June-November, and the dry season runs from December until May. A thick layer of fog appears in the fall, signaling the coming of dry season. Over 150 plant species have been discovered at the Lomas near Lima, Peru.

Watch this incredible video below to see the beauty of the Lomas.



Located in the Miraflores District, Costa Verde is accessible year round, with great weather all year round, especially around summer time.

Hang-glide or paraglide over the coast from Raimondi Park, near the pier, and get eagle-views of all the greenery and mineral deposit cliffs the coast has to offer.

Take a little tour with this awesome video of Costa Verde in Lima, Peru:



El Plaza De Mayor, as it is known, is located in central Lima, and showcases the neo-colonial architecture of the past that Peru has to offer.

Housing the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lima and the Archbishop of Lima, as well as the Cardinal of Peru, this building has been around since 1924.

Formerly the city’s first jail and police station, the building entails a marble staircase entrance, and French stained glass in the interior ceiling.

Definitely a site to see, the Archbishops Palace and it’s Baroque elements must be witnessed if you are to appreciate some of the finest architect around.



El Puente De Los Suspiros is located in the Barranco District of Lima and reflects Bohemian architectural-style of bridge builds. A small wooden bridge, built back in 1876, was merely made to connect Ayacucho Street with the Church of the Hermitage across the waterway.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1881 during the War of the Pacific, and rebuilt 2 years later.

The name, “Bridge of Sighs” came from the fact that men would bring women to woo them, under the bridge on a boat, or on the bridge-path itself by foot. It became, in essence, a bridge of romantic memories.

The area of the Barranco District is known to be a hip place, full of restaurants and chic little coffee shops.



Located in the Parque de la Reserva, this magical fountain is extremely engaging, with simulated LED light shows that go along with classical and Peruvian music, and contains 13 distinct fountains.

Holding the Guiness World Record for the largest fountain complex in the world, it has captivated millions since its inception in 2007.

Learn more about upcoming events on their website and plan your next trip out to Lima, Peru!