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Mistake Fare, I Purchased one…Now What?

The Mistake Fare, You Purchased One…Now What?

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You purchased the deal of a lifetime and not sure what to do next?

We all have that moment…

When the deal of a lifetime pops up right in front of your face…

Your eyes bulge up larger than ever…

Your heart starts racing, your blood starts pumping…

You realize you stopped breathing 3 seconds ago…

Flight to Italy from New York for $200 round trip… :O

Jesus Christ Almighty. “I have to take this deal,” you think to yourself…

Slowly imagining all the sights you will behold in your future journey…

“Nothing will stop me,” your train of thought continues…

You imagine your life, all your worries, all of your circumstances, instantly thrown onto the back burner as if throwing every single one of your responsibilities onto a grill and forgetting about it.

It’s easy to be reckless, not even check to see if you have money in the bank account prior to quickly purchasing a flight or vacation package at the speed of light, pressing the “buy” button, and having a sigh of relief, only to have a stream of doubts and negativity come pouring in. Buyer’s remorse is a bitch.

So you bought the mistake fare! Now what?

Oh boy! So you saw a hell of a deal and the Benjamins started flowing. Not to worry. Let’s help you make sense of it all.

Tell Your Friends

The first order of business of course is to find out who else wants to join you on your trip around the world. Unless it’s a solo trip, text your best friend or friends and let them know about the deal you just found! It’s crucial with mistake fares that you remind them that this deal won’t last long, so that they may jump on it and get the same price (or similar). The typical window is 24–72 hours at the most (sometimes the deal is gone within 6–8 hours!).

Also, make sure to let your loved ones know that will be taking this trip.

Wait Before Buying the Next One

The typical order of events is that you find a mistake fare, purchase it, and literally the next day, you see another incredible deal. Once you realize that there will always be amazing deals, you can take a breather.

Wait before buying more trips. Plan for the initial mistake fare you purchased, and get all of your bases covered before jumping on other deals.

Check Your Travel Inventory

Check your calendar, your work vacation time, and make sure everything is good to go. Remember, you usually have 24 hours to cancel a booked flight with an airline or travel booking service.

On top of this, check to see if any of your current travel items need to be replaced. Your luggage, your traveling accessories (neck rest pillow, chargers, battery packs, etc), travel clothing, etc.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Check in with all of your utility companies and any company you have a bill with, and let them know of your intent to travel. Ensure that things will either be paid ahead of time, or service shut off during your trip.

Also, ensure that you are up-to-date with all billing and services. If necessary, get rid of anything you will not be needing throughout the duration of your trip.

Plan Your Departure

How will you be getting to the airport?

Will I be flying in the morning or afternoon?

How much time will I need to get to the gate?

Will you be be flying international and need to pass through customs? (Plan your timing well, if you have a connecting flight?)

Is your passport up-to-date and Global Pass card?

How do you plan on getting around at your destination city?

Where will you be staying when you arrive?

Will you be meeting with anyone on the trip? If so, when and where?

These are all great questions, but we can’t tell you how often folks go on a trip and forget to ask themselves many of these questions. Nothing more annoying and a way to sour the mood than realizing you have a new task list when you are already at the airport.

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