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Mykonos, Greece. City #12 on Travel Rebel’s 12 Must-Visit Cities for 2017


Journey to the “Island of the Winds” within the Cyclades of Greece. Welcome to Mykonos, my friend.

Mykonos, Greece

Ah, Greece...

Tales of Greek Gods and Goddesses, blue seas, pearly-white cities, atop of mountains, how can one forget?

Mykonos, one of the islands of Greece, is poised for some of the best beaches, views, and festivities in all of Greece.

Named after Mykons, the grandson of Apollo, the island is calling out for you to explore its various mythical wonders.

Chora Windmills

Windmills of the Mykonos Island, Chora. Cyclades, Agean Sea, Greece.

Once primarily used for milling wheat up until recently, the Chora Windmills are now an iconic and scenic observance in Mykonos.

Overlooking the Cyclades Islands, 7 of the 16 windmills in Mykonos are located in Chora alone. One of the windmills has been transformed into a museum.

Learn more on this website here.

Petros The Pelican

The official mascot of the island of Mykonos, this great white Pelican was once found of the shore of the island by a local fisherman, injured.

He recovered, and the townfolk comically gave him the name Petros, meaning “rock” or “stone”. However, he was later struck by a car and was killed.

Since then, he has become a symbol of the island. There are now 3 new white pelicans residing on the island.

Watch this comical meeting between the Happy Traveler and a Petros in Greece...

The Happy Traveller finds himself face-to-face with a Petros Great White Pelican.​

Little Venice

Complete with little shops and fancy restaurants, one can find themselves doused in a bit of Venice within the Cyclades.

Some of the island’s oldest sea captains over time constructed architecture inspired by Venice, and can still be seen within this district.

The video below has some amazing photos to showcase the beauty of Italian influence within Mykonos.

Armenistis Lighthouse

Constructed in 1891, after the unfortunate sinking of a Britain ship near the coast of Mykonos in 1888, this gorgeous lighthouse boasts an abundance of rich maritime history within the Cyclades islands.

It has been updated over time with electrical equipment, and the original instruments used to operate the lighthouse can be found at the Aegean Maritime Museum.

Learn more about the history of the Armenistis by clicking here.


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