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Our Vision: Reawaken Your Adventure…


At Travel Rebel, we have had a vision for our community and continue to grow the vision for how we want to impact the world we live in.

How we want to contribute to fellow travelers everywhere.

How we want to contribute to the world we live in.

How we want to contribute to mankind as a whole.

What we can do to truly make an impact.

The vision starts with our community members.

These are folks who are very passionate about the world we live in, how they take care of others, leaving things behind better than they found them.

Mapping the global-sphere, hopping the invisible lines that apparently come between nation countries, only visible to those who want to be politically correct or live a life of boundaries.

We at Travel Rebels realize there is an army out there, waiting to be found, of folks who realize that there is truly a desire to help carry out this mission. The mission to change the world through travel, by educating the masses, by providing resources and much more.

That mission is driven purely by love. Love of our planet, love for all, love for self. With an abundance of love, more people will join in arms, share their knowledge of travel, be able to trek the world, make new friends, and share and catapult the movement even further.

We have been putting out our best content now consistently for about one year at this point. In that time, we have already met dozens, if not hundreds of people, inquiring about our movement and asking how they can take part in it, how they can learn more, and how they can share it with others.

They typically are mostly curious on what it means to be a Travel Rebel.

Let us unveil this mystery below:

What Is Our Vision Of a Travel Rebel?

√Someone who is bold in their travels.
√Not afraid to speak to strangers
√Capable of putting themselves in interesting and adventurous situations
√Willing to think outside the box
√Someone who realizes there is much more to a place than the typical touristy locations.
√A person who is willing to learn and teach about the concepts of travel.

In the last 90 days, we have:

√Held a contest that received great feedback
√Partnered with incredible companies
√Have inquired ourselves, and also had others ask about guest blogging.
√Grown our following and our social media presence
√Posted much more consistently on our blog and on Instagram.

In the next 90 days, we plan on:

√Growing to over 500 subscribers on our website
√Getting over 750 likes on Facebook
√Create a series of YouTube videos on travel
√Complete our ebook and release it worldwide
√Continue posting on our blog and Instagram consistently and share great info
√Host a much bigger contest for Christmas/New Years

Our team and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for following our content for the past 6 months.

We look forward to many more months of incredible experiences!

Edwin & Jay are helping lead the way in the world of travel with Travel Rebel.

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And most importantly, travel far Travel Rebel.

Thank you for reading!