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Picking Up Where You Left Off…5 Tips To Get Back Your Sea Legs

 5 Tips To Get Back Your Sea Legs

In one’s journey time can pass fast. Months, years and even decades. You still haven’t set foot on another continent, what now…
Fear begins to set in. Perhaps new political turmoil is awakening at your destination. Maybe you “just don’t have your sea legs anymore.”

Whatever the reason, you cannot stop yourself from having the biggest of dreams and traveling the world again.

You must pick up where you left off.

Doing it is the equivalent of leaving a lion locked in a cage. This leading to something short of a mid-life crisis.

You may regret not having taken the first leap.

Here are some ways to get comfortable with picking up where you left off initially:

  1. Find local travel meetup groups: This will help you meet people who have visited other countries as well. Perhaps they can get you caught up with the latest TSA regulations, new international customs rules, safety tips for individual countries, up-and-coming hotspots (and places NOT to visit at the time) and more. This way, you meet new friends AND get comfortable with the new tourist landscape.
  2. Read some blogs: A simple Google search should yield plenty of results. We recommend looking for “latest travel tips,” “countries to visit,” and more.
  3. Watch travel documentaries: Netflix has a great selection of new travel documentaries. it will help you familiarize yourself with some great locations to visit, and the hotspots within each country.
  4. Hungry? Why wait? Watch Chef’s Table and Chef’s Table France. These are both incredible shows.  It’s high-definition, 4k quality videography. The world’s best dishes one click away.
  5. Join a forum: There are plenty of travel forums online where you can meet and discuss virtually any topic that comes to mind. Passionate travelers from around the world are waiting to contribute to your discussion and share the best tips they have.

We hope this is a good start to picking up where you left off and tend your travel bug!

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