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The Sky Checklist. 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity While Flying…


It seems that when we fly, some of us can be productive, while others cannot.

Is it possible that perhaps people are not using the right mindset or tools when boarding a flight?

For me personally, it seems that productivity can come with proper planning, goal-setting, understanding how your body reacts to the skies, and more.

For some people, they can’t focus because of:


Jamming out to music may be helpful, it may not.

Perhaps you can consider ear plugs for the skies, or even meditating pre-flight.

This will help you concentrate at a much higher level and allow you to be more efficient at your work and get that sky checklist going.

Consider something mid-tempo, and not too upbeat, so as to keep your heart rate somewhat steady and not overdo it in the process.

Feeling tired

They say that drinking coffee on a flight is not recommended. However, everyone reacts differently to it.

If you drink too much, it could backfire and make you sleepy with the humming of the plane and the rocking in the skies.

However, just an espresso shot may be enough to give you the drive you need.

Everybody reacts differently to caffeine in general, so you have to use your best judgment and see which amount, if any, of caffeine is good for you on a flight.

The longer your flight, the more likely caffeine intake will make you tired.

When in doubt, stick with water and non-sugary drinks.


In this case, it’s probably best to take meds prior to your flight and maybe even chew gum. Also, drinking an orange juice or even a ginger ale can help strengthen your immunity while on your flight. Of course, make sure to hydrate prior to your flight.

Avoiding greasy foods, alcohol, and even choosing your seat wisely may help as well. Read this article to learn more about eliminating nausea on flights.

Inability to focus 

There’s nothing worse than wanting to get things done, but not being able to.

The inability to focus in the skies is much more common than is seen.

Some people can operate at their best on a plane, while others struggle with this concept.

What is it that makes the difference?

Make sure to take vitamins and strengthen your immunity pre-flight in order to feel your sharpest.

Also, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, understanding what you would like to accomplish, is a very smart idea.

Even mid-flight meditations do wonders. We would highly recommend Omvana or Headspace.

So, close your eyes, dream of a crystal clear intention you would like to attach head-on, and go for the gold!

Not Motivated/Would Rather Watch a Movie

It’s extremely easy to put things off and watch a movie. Heck, we have all done it before.

The only way to avoid this, is to give yourself a clear list of things to accomplish during your flight. List things in order of highest priority to lowest priority.

Ask yourself what it would do for your day if you were to use your time on your flight wisely and accomplish these tasks on your list.

Nothing feels better than coming off a flight with less things to do for the day than before you boarded.

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