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Taking Your First International Trip: 5 Steps to Getting The F*** Out of Your Bubble

Taking Your First International Trip: 5 Steps to Getting The F*** Out of Your Bubble

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“The world is your oyster.”- The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare

Taking your first international trip can be scary, and at the same time exciting. Here is a little quote that should be on every traveler’s cranium, stamped on there, making one ready to take on the next adventure.

But what if your oyster has never expanded beyond your immediate neighborhood?

What if you have been living vicariously through all of your friends Facebook and Instagram posts of world travels over the years? That doesn’t seem quite as satisfying. Trust me, we know. It’s not anywhere near the same type of satisfaction.

Therefore, what does it take to make the leap, to transcend “beyond the white picket fence,” and to pack your bags and head out to the unknown world around you?

I mean, it seems nice to just stay home, to binge on Netflix all day, watching the Sens8 cast traveling to some of the most amazing countries in the world, including India, Iceland, Russia, and more. However, doesn’t it seem that the actual presence of being in another country would bring you much more joy, fulfillment, and happiness?

Here are some quick steps to head out to your first international country:

#1: Make a Bucket List

Start with the countries you have always wanted to visit. Then add those that your friends told you about that “you have to go and visit”, and finally, the countries that are either currently “danger zones,” or going through political upheaval to visit down the road when things settle down (i.e. Greece, Syria, etc.)

It feels amazing to take a piece of paper, and literally write (yes, using a pen or pencil, old-school style) the countries around the world you want to visit. We don’t know what it is, but to write down your travel goals makes them feel much more real, allows you to focus, perhaps decrease your material desires for other luxuries in life that can wait, and makes it much more attainable in the near future.

If you need some inspiration, Travel & Leisure recently came out with a great Travel Bucket List.

#2: Look for Travel Deals

Some of the websites that are great to check out for deals may not always be the first ones to pop up in your head.,,, may not always have the best deals.

We personally recommend the following websites for taking your first international Trip:


With Skiplagged, you may want to consider taking a carry-on. Essentially, your options will be multi-city flight itineraries.

Let’s say you want to depart from L.A., and your desired arrival destination is New York. There is a flight from L.A. to Puerto Rico that stops in New York. You notice the direct flights from L.A. to New York are too pricey, but then Skiplagged gives you some options that are much cheaper when flights are non-direct.

When you get on the multi-city flight, and they stop for a layover in New York, you would just hop off the flight and go on your merry way!

Travel Pirates

Travel Pirates is a great website for finding great deals to countries around the world from major hubs in the U.S. These deals typically do not last more than 24–48 hours.

Usually, their website will give you different options and travel booking portals you can go through, with varying prices (from lowest to highest). They’re also excellent at getting back to you if you have any customer service questions, etc.

Have extra money laying around, and as soon as last minute deal pops up, you buy it right away. Typically, you have 24 hours to cancel if you decide to change your mind or itinerary (perhaps you can’t get the time off work, you forgot about a previous commitment, or your friends/family can’t make it).


We are big fans of Kayak because of the daily/weekly/monthly travel alerts that can be sent via email when price trends for flights change.

They break down the pricing to Watch or Buy,

Watch-Prices may drop, wait to purchase (not always guaranteed)

Buy-Prices will likely rise within seven days.

For more information on how to setup a price alert, visit this page.

#3: Grab Some Gear

Traveling in style doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it does make for a much smoother process if you bring the right gear.

Here’s a nice starter list of items to consider taking with you overseas.

√ Neck Wallet w/Passport Holder
√Hiking Pack
√Backpack Lock
√Tiger Balm
√Battery Pack
√International Outlet Power Adapter
√Travel Shoes/Sandals
√Lightweight, Waterproof Clothing
√Digital Camera/GoPro

#4: Join Travel Communities

Travel Rebel

travel rebel
Edwin Goitia and Jay Morales, Travel Rebel

Extra Pack of Peanuts

extra pack of peanuts
Travis Sherry, Extra Pack of Peanuts

Zero to Travel

zero to travel
Jason Moore, Zero to Travel

The Points Guy

the points guy
Brian Kelly, the Points Guy.

#5: Get The F Outta the Country!

Now that you are set to go, grab your bags, check through all your travel details one more time and confirm, once you are done, get the hell outta dodge!

Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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And most importantly, travel far Travel Rebel.

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